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Multi Series Chart, adding data manually.

In your ASPX page you simply need to add a FChart control. It just acts as a place holder for the chart.
Here you’ll also define the width and height of your chart.


<%@ Register Assembly="Libero.FusionCharts" Namespace="Libero.FusionCharts.Control" TagPrefix="fcl" %>
<fcl:FChart runat="server" ID="chtProductSales" Width="600" Height="280" />


In your code behind you will define:

  • The type of chart you want (see supported charts).
  • All appearence properties, as backgroung color, titles, and so on.
  • And the main part, the data.
MSColumn3DChart oChart = new MSColumn3DChart();

// Set properties
oChart.Background.BgColor = "ffffff";
oChart.Background.BgAlpha = 50;
oChart.ChartTitles.Caption = "Categories by country";
oChart.ChartTitles.SubCaption = "Annual report (US$)";

// Set a template
oChart.Template = new Libero.FusionCharts.Template.OceanTemplate();

// Set data
// Add Categories Data.
oChart.CategorySet.FontColor = "0000FF";
oChart.CategorySet.CategoryElementSet.Add(new MSCategoryElement("Brazil"));
oChart.CategorySet.CategoryElementSet.Add(new MSCategoryElement("India"));
oChart.CategorySet.CategoryElementSet.Add(new MSCategoryElement("China"));

// Add Series data in the correct order.
MSDataSet msDs;
msDs = new MSDataSet("Eletronics""ff0000");
msDs.SetElementSet.Add(new MSSetElement(15000));
msDs.SetElementSet.Add(new MSSetElement(30000));
msDs.SetElementSet.Add(new MSSetElement(45000));

msDs = new MSDataSet("Computers""00ff00");
msDs.SetElementSet.Add(new MSSetElement(80000));
msDs.SetElementSet.Add(new MSSetElement(50000));
msDs.SetElementSet.Add(new MSSetElement(20000));

msDs = new MSDataSet("Mobiles""0000ff");
msDs.SetElementSet.Add(new MSSetElement(15000));
msDs.SetElementSet.Add(new MSSetElement(30000));
msDs.SetElementSet.Add(new MSSetElement(70000));

// Link the WebControl and the Chart

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navbingo Jun 21, 2011 at 6:39 AM 
hi , i have downloaded the zip file from this site.. how to use it..
it shows me assembly is not found...