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Supose you have a lot of charts in your web project and all of them must follow a common design.

To acomplish that, you can create your custom template and them apply it on the charts.

To create a custom template you need to:

  • Create a Class that inherit from FusionChartsTemplateBase.
  • Override it constructor to set the properties you want to be set.
  • Override a method called SetSeriesColors and use base.colors do create your List of colors.

See the code sample:


using Libero.FusionCharts.PropertySet;
namespace Libero.FusionCharts.Template        
    public class MyFancyTemplate : FusionChartsTemplateBase
        public MyFancyTemplate(): base()               
            //Set here the PropertySets for this template.
	    base.FontBasePropertySet =  new FontBasePropertySet()
		BaseFont = "Verdana"
        public override void SetSeriesColors()
            //Set here the series colors for the template.    
            base.colors = new List<string>();

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